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Being openly gay or transgender in Myanmar can mean being ostracised by society, religion and the law. There are two options available: Become a beautician, or become a Nat Kadaw.

Nat Kadaws are spirit mediums who service a highly superstitious population consumed by a spirit worship cult. No one, from the peasant farmer to the country's ruling Generals, will do anything without first consulting the spirits. To do this they need a Nat Kadaw, and they are almost exclusively transgender or gay.

This unique contradiction means that Myanmar’s marginalised LGBT community has made its home in plain site, in technicolour sequinned costumes, right at the spiritual heart of the very society which denies its right to exist.

We follow a Nat Kadaw's journey from persecution to celebration and travel with her to the extraordinary Taungbyone Nat festival - a vast temporary city of makeshift spirit shrines where 100,000 people gather for the spirit worship equivalent of Glastonbury and Gay Pride rolled into one. 

Through a series of compelling interwoven stories we uncover a unique collision between identity and tradition, in a country awakening from 50 years of self-imposed isolation.